Why Choose Darex

Darex produces the best-selling industrial drill sharpeners in the world, manufacturing every type of sharpener required for drill bits from consumer right up to commercial models. With over 40 years in the industry, Darex has perfected the art of drill bit sharpening by combining innovation with practicality to create a range of sharpeners to suit every level of expertise and budget.


Darex Drill Sharpening Products

Darex V391 - The Darex V391is perfect for workshops and will sharpen the most common drills accurately in under a minute. Featuring a simple and intuitive design, everyone will be able to sharpen their drills when needed.

Darex XT3000I - The Darex XT3000I is built to sharpen a wide variety of point styles with precision. This machine is heavy-duty and can keep sharpening all day, every day.

Five attachment varieties are also available that can be paired with this sharpening machine including step drill, miniature drill, positioning and large drill bit attachments.

Darex XT3000I Auto - For a more effortless sharpening option, the Darex XT3000I Auto is the automatic version of our best-selling model, which will take care of cycle times and pre-drill functionalities for you.

Darex E901 - The Darex E90i End Mill Grinder and Sharpener features an easy-pull handle for the user to have precise control over the air-bearing spindle. A wide range of endmills can be sharpened quickly and easily with this model.  


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