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How To Re-Profile A Tanto Edge Into A Drop Point

Date: 05-02-2024



Occasionally, the realm of knife ownership and sharpening ventures into uncharted territory, where individuals, driven by curiosity or a desire for change, decide to experiment with the original symmetry of their blades.

In our recent Workshop episode, we observed that Tanto edges are frequently mishandled by inexperienced individuals during sharpening. When customers reach out to us, showcasing their knives at trade shows, we inform them of two options: either regrind the knife to restore the distinctive transition point that defines a Tanto edge or continue with the alteration and convert it into a Drop Point.

While many opt to recreate the edge they initially purchased, some embrace the idea of a change.

To transform a Tanto into a Drop Point, the crucial step is to eliminate the transition point through meticulous sharpening, following the natural belly swoop until the transition is entirely eradicated, resulting in a perfectly round belly.

The paramount consideration when converting an edge is to ensure the maintenance of the same angle throughout the newly formed transition. As the transition is gradually removed, the edge will unveil itself.

For a visual demonstration, refer to the video above featuring Steve Baker of Work Sharp, who takes a Benchmade Bailout and transforms its edge to mirror that of the Benchmade Griptillian.


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