Extend the life of drill bits, belts, knives and tools by investing in sharpening machines – an efficient and cost-effective solution for every Australian workshop. At ITM, we supply drill bit sharpening machines from Drill Doctor, KEF and Darex. We also stock flexible belt knife and tool sharpening devices and accessories from Worksharp as well as cutter sharpening machines from Holemaker.

Sharpening Machine Brands

Every brand and model we stock has unique features and benefits, giving you the variety to choose the right sharpener for your needs. See each brand’s product listings for yourself before making a decision on which model you would like to purchase.

Drill Doctor – The world’s number one selling drill bit sharpener for home users, tradesman and professionals. The sharpening process is simple, much like sharpening a pencil. Your drill tips will be sharper in no time with Drill Doctor.

Darex – Producing high performing American-made drill bit cutting machines for over 40 years, Darex is the world’s highest selling drill bit cutting brand in the market. This is due to the industrial strength, factory grade and highly specialised system they have developed to provide the sharpest and most precisely cut drill bits possible.

Worksharp – Worksharp specialises in knife and tool sharpening machines including the guided field sharpener for a complete, compact solution and the woodworking tool sharpener specifically suited for woodworkers, just to name a few. We also stock a full range of attachments and accessories to enhance the Worksharp sharpening machines we have available.

Holemaker – Producing a wide range of European-made tools and machines, Holemaker also adds annular cutter sharpeners to their list, specifically designed to sharpen high speed steel annular cutters with maximum precision. This is achieved by grinding the steel with laser alignment, for a fast and precise sharpening setup.

KEF – KEF produces Danish-made drill bit sharpeners providing a flawless and accurate sharpening result. They have a simple and easy to use design that can be operated by unskilled operators with ease. KEF focuses on delivering economical and consistent results with every drill bit sharpener they manufacture.

About Sharpening Machines

The vast range of sharpening machines we have available at ITM is specifically designed to expertly sharpen particular workshop items including cutting tools, drill bits and knives. If your workshop chews through drill bits regularly, for example, it is much more cost-effective to purchase a drill bit sharpening machine in the long term for faster and more efficient drilling that will save you time and money.

Sharpening machines come in various designs and sizes, offering different grinding methods and results for a range of metal objects. Some devices can be used easily by unskilled tradesmen while others have a more involved process to produce a superior result.

These machines can also range from basic guided sharpening systems for knives to complex tool sharpeners full of features and attachments.

Why Use Sharpening Machines

Prolonged Life – You pay good money for your tools, knives or drill bits, and it is a shame for them to go to waste just because they become blunt. Breathe new life into those essential workshop tools and items by using a sharpening machine instead, allowing you to use them time and time again with quality results.

Cost-Effective – A sharpening tool is a long-term investment that will save you money over time. Instead of wasting your time going to the shop to replace your dull knives, drill bits or tools, or pushing through a job with blunt equipment making the job take longer than it should, use a sharpening machine instead. There is no need to waste your money replacing blunt tools when you have an industrial grade sharpener on hand.

High Quality Job – Not only will your tools be sharper, but the tools will also provide a better quality result on whatever project you need to complete. If you are using a drill for example, a sharper drill bit will produce a cleaner and more precise hole than if the drill bit was blunt.

More Efficient Work – There is no doubt that work can be completed much faster and more efficiently when your tools are sharp. This is why it is always better to reduce the time it takes to complete the job by sharpening your tools.


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