ITM provides Australia's biggest range of metal cutting saws. Featuring high quality & heavy duty industrial metal cutting saws including bandsaws, cold saws, friction saws, and T.C.T. saws for industrial applications & workshop use.

Stock is available from our Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth warehouses and we have local distributors in Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart and Adelaide. ITM supply metal cutting saw's Australia wide.

Metal Cutting Band Saws

At ITM we stock over 25 different models to suit every workshop metal sawing application.

Bandsaws are one of the most versatile metal cutting saw devices available and are made to cut at high capacity and high volume, and the horizontal blade delivers superior cut quality.

M42 Bi-Metal replacement bandsaw blades are available to suit our entire range of band saws.

T.C.T Saws, Metal Cutting Drop Saw

Cut non-ferrous metal such as aluminium, brass and copper without the need for lubricant with a T.C.T saw.

Thanks to the superior tungsten carbide tipped blade, no grinding or cool downtime is needed when you use a T.C.T cold cut saw for your metal cutting. Compared to a standard blade, tungsten carbide is twice as stiff and dense as steel, delivering enhanced cutting power. Achieve a faster, cleaner cut with a T.C.T blade as this stronger blade can deliver higher surface speed and a well-maintained level of chip load per tooth.

Metal Cutting Saw Blades and Accessories

Our range of metal cutting saw accessories includes a heavy-duty industrial range of roller conveyors, varying in sizes from 1.5m in length to 3m in length, and widths of 300mm, 450mm and 600mm.

We recommend purchasing three stands for each conveyor bed purchased. These are adjustable in height from 715mm to 1050mm.

We also have single roller conveyors with a stand featuring either a flat or V top, and fixed stops which are made to suit our roller conveyors. Fixed stops are secured to the end of your conveyor to stop any items from falling off the end.

How to use Metal Cutting Saws Correctly and Safely

Always take extreme caution when operating any type of metal cutting saw, as the blade is extremely sharp and the machinery can be very heavy. Before setting up your saw, ensure you are wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes as well as earmuffs or earbuds to protect your ears from the high noise levels.

If you will be cutting through metal, it is best to choose a blade that has several teeth along the outer rim. It is also important to make sure the blade you are using is in good condition. If any signs of damage can be seen on the saw, it should be replaced.

We recommend using metalworking fluid with your cold saws and bandsaws. This fluid acts as an effective coolant system to provide an excellent surface finish while cutting. This lubrication will also extend the life of your blade by inhibiting corrosion.

You should protect yourself from any moving parts by setting safety guards on the machine. Once you are ready to place the item that needs to be cut under your cold saw, bandsaw or T.C.T. saw, make sure you firmly clamp it in the machine vice. The piece you are working on should not yet be against the blade before running the machine.

Once everything is set up correctly and the material to be cut is securely in place, it is time to start cutting. As you are cutting the material, never force the blade to cut as it may cause the blade to break. If set up correctly, the blade should cut the material easily without any force.

For more specific information on how to operate a particular metal cutting saw model, please refer to the product manual.

Our Metal Cutting Bandsaws are available from our Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth warehouses and we have local distributors in Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart and Adelaide. ITM supply band saw's Australia wide.


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