We stock all the essential solutions for storage, order & organisation in our comprehensive range of workshop storage systems. These include tool carts, heavy-duty metal cabinets, carts, shelving and plastic parts bins.

Parts Cabinets

Our parts cabinets feature configurations from 9 to 60 drawers, are designed for industrial use & include dividers and content description slips.

Available in a wide range of dimensions & with the choice between tall or wide drawers, our A4 to A7 and HD series cabinets feature drawers with transparent windows at the front enabling you to see inside without needing to open the drawer. Keep your parts safe and out of sight with lockable doors available on some models.

With strong 20kg capacity per drawers, galvanized shelves, high impact dividers and a safe anti-drop design, the A5 to A7 series of cabinets are the superior solution for organisation. The A4 series drawers are designed for storing A4 documents.

Ensure everything you need is within arm’s reach by attaching mobile bases or investing in mobile parts cabinets. A mobile parts cabinet adds extra convenience and all your parts can be transported to any location in the work space with ease.

Tool Carts

Our ultra-heavy-duty tool carts are rated at 200kg total load capacity, have adjustable layers, and are available in both open tool carts with detachable side panels, and carts with lockable drawer sets to keep your parts or tools secure.

The CNC tool cart range feature a work shelf positioned on the side of the cart, and handy tool bit holder shelves, which can be configured at different heights and angles for easy tool access. An option in this range comes with 2 lockable drawers for additional storage and security.

Parts Bins

Our various sized HB series parts bins can be stacked on top of each other with raised columns or adapted to a pre-configured or custom assembly mobile stand. The double-sided design of the mobile stand, constructed from heavy duty steel comes equipped with 20 small and 20 medium sized bins included.

Store small bits and pieces such as nuts, bolts & nails in our flip out bin drawers. These come in 4 different sizes, while 2 or more unites can be joined easily both horizontally and vertically. Each drawer clips closed securely to prevent them from falling open. Our rotating flip out bins add extra flexibility and save space in workshops.

Workshop Shelving

Store heavy tools or stock on our industrial-strength workshop shelving. Pre-configured packages include 4 shelves, 2 uprights, 4 cross beams and all are available in 3 different spans. Shelves come in 2 options, conventional solid steel and also wire which is a great option to consider because of its strength, stability, resistance to wear & tear, and also its transparency.


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