The ITM range of workshop machinery and equipment is designed for the professional and will fit perfectly into any workshop across Australia. Every tool, hardware, accessory and piece of machinery is built to last and manufactured to the highest quality to suit the most demanding jobs making ITM tool range one of Australia's most trusted brands.


Our bevelling machines give you the flexibility to create any angle you need. The edge of plates can also be milled up to 35 mm thick or up to 70 mm with optional extras included on some models with a 0–60 grinding angle.

Choose between portable bevellers that can be moved around your workshop or transported to worksites or large stationary heavy-duty pipe bevelling machines for plant use.


From forged steel welding clamps and cast iron welding clamps to parallel jaw clamps and toggle clamps, we have the holding power you need to keep your workpiece in place.


Our belt drive drilling machines and geared head drilling machines in the ITM range are designed for fast and highly precise drilling. Our range includes accessories and vices, so you have everything you need for the most demanding and heavy-duty drilling applications.


Our extra heavy-duty workshop fans provide superior output with little noise and are specifically suited to keep air well circulated in large workshops.

The ITM ventilator sets feature a large-capacity motor and expandable ducting and are ideal for workshops and confined spaces. Extract air and fumes from a workspace or blow fresh air in and around the workspace.


Create the very best finish with a smooth, high-quality surface by investing in one of our many grinding machines. Our grinder range features powered motors and is robustly constructed for superior grinding results. Our range includes bench grinders, belt grinders and pipe notchers.


We specialise in the most common and useful metal cutting saws used in the welding and fabrication industry; cold saws, friction saws, T.C.T saws, and bandsaws. We also stock a wide range of accessories including blades, cutting fluid, roller stand and conveyors.

The ultimate cutting solution for all types of metal for a wide range of industrial applications can be found in the ITM range.


Superb quality over a comprehensive range of welding carriages to suit every welding application. The Lizard Portable Welding Carriage is programmable and has a “stitch” weld capacity. The Gecko Portable Welding Carriage is a smaller version of the Lizard model, helping you produce consistent, high-quality welds. We also have the Dragon Cutting and Bevelling Carriage for use with oxygen acetylene torches for machine-quality cutting and bevelling processes.


The ITM Workshop storage range provides solutions for industrial workshops, works spaces, warehousing & storage.

For smaller capacity items such as nails, screws and bolts our parts cabinets and parts bins are the ideal solution for organising and storage.

Tool carts double up as both storage and a portable tool holder to keep the most frequently used tools more accessible.

Store tools, larger stock items or supplies in our industrial workshop shelving. Buy as complete kits, or choose individual components to build the perfect solution for your storage needs.


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