Welding Automation

Our range of portable welding machines and automated welding carriages make any precise welding job an absolute breeze. Our welding carriages help welding professionals deliver perfectly accurate welds, every time.

Automated Welding Machines

Our range of automated welding machines, each with their own benefits and features, are ideal for both the simplest and most complex welding jobs, and for both horizontal and vertical welding. With programmable machines available as well as 4WD and magnetic base machines, each welding carriage is available with a large variety of accessories such as magnetic tracks and multiple torch clamps to make them suitable for a large range of welding tasks.

Portable Welding Machines

Our welding automation carriages can be programmed to move along a flat surface or track to deliver a precise and highly accurate hands off weld. Once set up correctly, the weld achieved will be completely straight and the hands off, fully automated functionality makes the welding job safer for the user.


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