At ITM we have the perfect selection of industrial strength fans and portable ventilators.

Keep your work space cooler and more comfortable in summer while keeping the air cleaner and clear of dust and contaminants. Having well ventilated air in the space you are working in can’t be underestimated.


Manufactured from strong, highly durable steel, our pedestal fans and wall mounted fans are specifically suited to the industrial sector and are perfect for placing and operating in workshops.

Gain the benefits of cool, well-circulated air while not taking up valuable space in the workshop with our wall mounted industrial fans.

Pedestal fans provide more mobility and can easily be moved around to any location where cool air is needed. These industrial workshop pedestal fans deliver superior output and quiet operation, available in standard 24” and 30” sizes. Also available are extra heavy-duty workshop pedestal fans which have three sturdy legs for improved stability, making ithem difficult to fall or be pushed over.


Our large scale & portable ventilators are well suited to most industrial environments.

Particularly effective in confined spaces by extracting air and fumes from a work area and bringing in fresh air, our ventilators are ideal for welding workshops & other industries where contaminants circulate in the air.

Available individually as a ventilator unit or ventilator ducting in 5 metre lengths; or as a ventilator set comprising the two. Our ventilators create a very high flow rate reaching up to 290 metres per minute created by the large capacity motor paired with a specially designed axial propeller.


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