Friction saws are high-speed circular saws where the heat formed from the friction is sufficient to melt the material adjacent to it, producing a very fast cut.

Designed for simple straight-line sawing or stock cut off, friction saws are capable of cutting the most difficult of materials at high speed. Cutting structural steel shapes, products and beams are what friction saws are regularly used for. A friction saw is capable of cutting materials from thin tubes, to hardened steel bars, however, because of the high-speed operation, the blades have a shorter life span compared to other metal saws.


We stock two highly reliable industrial-grade friction saws suitable for a large range of metal cutting jobs.

The extra heavy-duty TV350 is capable of complete reverse-angle cutting using a swivel head and swivel vice. Material is kept secure in the quick-locking vice, and the unit is operated by a trigger switch, while repetitive production is assisted with the adjustable material stop. An emergency stop safety switch helps you maintain safe work practices.

Featuring a 400mm blade, the highly desirable TV400’s has all the same features as the 350 model but has a greater cutting capacity.

MACC Frictions are available from our Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth warehouses and we have local distributors in Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart and Adelaide. ITM supply band saw's Australia wide.


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