Cutting fluid is specially made for tapping, cutting and drilling applications. It is always important to use cutting fluid to assist with the drilling process, because the liquid reduces heat in the cutting process to deliver a cleaner, burr free cut with less effort required from the tools, thus increasing tool life.


We stock Holemaker and Tap Magic cutting metal working fluid in all sizes from 125ml up to 20L. To improve the efficiency of your cut and increase the lifetime of the cutter, cutting fluid is a must for any metal drilling job.

Our Holemaker water-soluble metal working fluid is extra heavy-duty and specifically suited for Holemaker annular cutters and other machining applications on metals.
This cutting fluid is formulated to extend the life of your tool and improve the finish of your surface. Corrosion inhibitors are contained to protect machine parts. This metal working fluid is also highly resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.

There are three key varieties of Tap Magic working fluid we stock including Tap Magic Metal Working Fluid EP-Xtra, Tap Magic Aluminium and Tap Magic Xtra Thick.
Tap Magic EP-Xtra is effective for cutting all types of metals, however,it’s performance on hard metals is particularly impressive. This cutting fluid is also useful for extreme-pressure cuts that occur over a long duration.
Tap Magic Aluminiumis specially made for cutting aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. In fact, this is by far the most efficient cutting fluid you will find when working with aluminium.
Tap Magic Xtra Thick is outstanding for making cuts over a long duration of time on the hardest metals. This cutting fluid is ideal for all hardened steels including Inconel, titanium and stainless, while also virtually eliminating work hardening and extending cling time.


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