All of the magnetic base drill accessories you will ever need to match your Holemaker magnetic drills are available here. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a solution for every drilling job, which is why we have every accessory you’ll require to get the job done.

Drill Chucks & Adaptors

Set up your Holemaker magnetic base drill with a drill chuck to use standard twist drill bits. We sell drill chucks on their own or paired with adaptors.


We stock three essential arbor types to suit your Holemaker magnetic base drill.

Industrial Arbors – Designed to adapt to conventional machines such as drill presses, lathes and milling machines for use with Holemaker Annular Cutters.

Extension Arbors – Allows you to achieve greater drilling depths of up to 320mm with your Holemaker cutters.

Quick Grip Industrial Arbors – A quick release version of our standard Industrial Arbors. These arbors eliminate the grub screw system that is typically used for holding annular cutters, and allow you to change annular cutter with much greater speed.

These arbors can also be combined to create an even more efficient cutting process. For example, you can save time compared to normal drilling methods by simply adding an industrial arbour paired with an annular cutter to a drill press or geared head drill.


An essential piece for any magnetic drill, adaptors are used to adapt your magnetic base drill for various applications. They fit comfortably onto any Holemaker magnetic base drill you purchase.

Tapping Heads

With an ultra-sensitive and smooth multi-position operating ball-clutch, tapping heads are vital for protecting against tap breakage. Rotational power is transited to the tap smoothly and silently thanks to the tapping head’s forward and reverse ball drive design.

This accessory also has an axial float which ensures smooth tapping and better thread profile. You can achieve clean and accurate threads and eliminate the possibility of cross-threading during the tapping process with the cushioned drive. The precise, neutral mechanism found in tapping heads also provides accurate depth control.

Pipe Attachments

If your workshop needs to drill metal pipes, you will need to pick up a pipe attachment so your magnetic drill can be secured safely to your pipe, ready for drilling. This attachment is suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Ratcheting Hex Key Wrenches

This compact tool includes a complete set of standard hex wrenches. Featuring nine of the most common hex key sizes, this ratcheting hex key wrench makes it easy to fasten any grubs screws on your machine arbor or around the machine.

Pilot Pins

There are three key purposes for pilot pins: ejecting the slug at the end of the cut, providing a coolant feed into the centre of the cutter and helping to locate the centre of the cut.

We also have two-piece pilot pins which allow increased depth of cut capacity. For example, if your machine has a depth that is limited to 52mm, this can possibly be increased up to a 125mm depth with the help of a two-piece pilot pin.

Magnetic Clean up Wands

Clean up and collect all of the ferrous materials left over from your drilling job such as metal shavings and screws with a magnetic clean up wand. With stainless steel construction and a rubber handle, this handy little tool is available in three sizes.

Magnetic Clean up Brooms

If your drilling job produces a larger volume of a mess, the magnetic clean-up broom will remove your ferrous materials from the floor in no time. It features a 355mm wide magnetic surface for easy metal debris pickup.

Vacuum Pads

If your drilling machine from Holemaker needs to be adapted to a non-ferrous material, a vacuum pad will help secure your magnetic drill to your surface for a precise drilling job. This device has strong surface holding power, giving you piece of mind that your drill will stay put while drilling.


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