The ITM Holemaker range of magnetic drilling machines is Australia's most comprehensive and widely used brand of Magnetic Drills on the market. With our wide range of machine styles, sizes and designs, there is an ITM Holemaker machine to suit every application.

ITM is Australia's number 1 supplier of Magnetic Drilling Machines (also known as a mag drill). Magnetic Base Drills are a portable power tool featuring an electromagnetic base that can be secured to a piece of steel. This ensures to keep the drill secure and precise while drilling through the steel. The magnetic base drill is perfectly suited for use in a workshop or on the job site.

Why buy ITM Holemaker?

  • Reliable & Durable European made machines
  • Value for money that far exceeds any other brand on the market
  • Readily available for purchase from 100's of retail tool stores, Australia wide
  • Backup service and parts, Australia wide
  • Over 20 different models of mag drills stocked in Australia
  • Over 25 years of product development

Mag base drills are a portable power tool featuring an electromagnetic base that can be secured to a piece of steel. This helps to keep the mag drill stable, secure and precise while drilling through the steel. A magnetic drill machine can be used in a workshop or on the job site.

Magnetic base drill machines can be electric, pneumatic or hydraulic. Electric magnetic base drills are by far the most popular due to their lightweight, cost-effective and compact design. Pneumatic magnetic drills use compressed air to power the drill while hydraulic magnetic drills are useful underwater thanks to a closed loop-powered system.

Although a magnetic drill base can be bulkier than a conventional drill, it is very safe to operate when working with metal due to its stability. Magnetic drills are also available in a range of sizes and with a wide degree of features such as smart control, coolant and swivel base systems just to name a few.

When choosing the ideal mag drill for your application, you must consider the diameter and depth of the hole you will be drilling, the drilling speed requirements you need, the environment you will be working in as well as the type of material you will be drilling.


As with any other tools or machinery, when operating your drill, you must remember to wear a face shield and gloves to protect yourself while on the job.

Before securing your drill to the metal service, check your surface is free of chips and debris.

After a hole has been drilled, turn off the motor, eject the slug and clean the chips and debris away from the work area and under the magnet. Also, ensure the cutter is not dull because it could contribute to pushing the magnet off the work surface.

It is also necessary to use a safety strap or chain while drilling or cutting, especially if the mag drill is positioned in a horizontal or upside-down position. This will protect both yourself and the magnetic base drill itself.

A magnetic drill base should also not be used while others are welding the material at the same time, as it can cause the circuit board and magnet to short out.

Please consider the product manual for further information on how to safely use a particular mag drill.


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