Star Spray guns were founded in 1970 in Taiwan with a focus on utilising world-class manufacturing processes and techniques to create high-quality spray equipment. Star Spray Equipment has been delivering products that perform to the professional automotive, wood/furniture, hardware and industrial industries.

Star Spray Equipment, nozzles and needles are fabricated from quality products and every item is quality inspected with thorough testing completed before shipping. Star Spray guns are distributed in over 30 countries.

There are so many reasons why Star spray guns are Australia’s number one selling range of spray guns.

Made to Last
All spray gun nozzles and needles from Star are made from 100% high standard stainless steel and built with durability in mind.

Extensive Experience
Star has been manufacturing and designing high-quality spray guns for over 40 years and they continue to perfect their designs to ensure customers get the very best performance out of every piece of spray equipment they sell. All products produced by Star are also solely manufactured in their Taiwan factory.

Latest Technology
Star utilises the latest and most advanced manufacturing practices including fully automated production lines and computer numerical control technologies. This technology combined with fail-proof processes result in precise, high-quality manufacturing outcomes.

Variety of Applications
The spray guns manufactured by Star suit a range of industries and applications including industrial use, professional automotive use and spray painting, just to name a few.

There is no need to skimp on quality for a price you can afford. Spray guns from Star are guaranteed to perform and you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a quality finish to any job.

Quality Testing
The strictest quality standards are always adhered to and every gun is tested individually for craftsmanship and performance.



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