Keep your air clean, lubricated and at the correct pressure with the air filtration products we have in stock. Our air filtration section includes air filter regulators, air lubricators, digital pressure gauges and more to allow your air tools to work at their best for any job.

About Air Filters, Regulators and Lubricators

The air quality and the amount of air pressure you use for your air tools can significantly impact on your efficiency on the job. That is why many people who operate air tools choose to purchase either an air filter, air regulator, air lubricator or a combination of these three options.

All three devices have a role to play in improving the air that comes out of your compressor and flows into your air tool:

  • An air filter is used to filter out any dirt, dust or other contaminants that may be in the air.
  • A regulator is an important tool that ensures the air is at a safe and usable pressure.
  • A lubricator atomizes the airline oil into a mist and is mixed with the pressurised air at an ultrafine and constant density.

An all-in-one solution that combines a filter, regulator and lubricator is a popular choice, with all three elements working together to create the perfect air preparation for your application. This is the ultimate tool to prepare the pressurised air correctly for improved efficiency.


Air Filtration Products

To improve safety, accuracy and efficiency, air filtration products are a must-have for any workshop that operates air tools. All of our air filtration products are manufactured by Groz – a well-known name for expertly made, yet affordable industrial grade air tool products.

Pressure Gauges

We stock both digital and regular pressure gauges here at ITM. Both gauges prove to be the perfect instrument to show the pressure of your compressed air, making sure the pressure level is just right for your application.

Air Filters, Regulators and Lubricators

We have 5 varieties of air filter, regulator and lubricator units available that will protect your air tools from contaminants. We have air filter regulators with a series of PSI ranges and port sizes, and some of our filters also come with gauges and brackets included as standard.

We also have a unit that combines a filter, regulator and lubricator all in one to superbly protect your air tools from damage and corrosion. This is a great option to enhance the overall performance of your tool.

Air Spacers & Mounting Brackets

In this category, we have standard air spacers as well as spacers that can be mounted on a wall with a bracket which includes an air outlet port. We also sell standalone mounting brackets suited for your lubricator or filter. These spacers and brackets are ideal for keeping your tools and air outlets in place.

Auto Drain Valves

At ITM, we stock an external auto drain valve that includes a provision in the valve for manual drain-off as well as an automatic draining feature. This float type auto drain valve also only removes the condensation when it is collected, unlike the electrical auto drain valve alternatives.

Safety Lockout Valves

Featuring an air inlet, air outlet and an exhaust air, the safety lockout valve can be easily hand operated. With 2 positions and a 3-way valve which can be turned to supply or exhaust, this product will be an essential addition to any air tool kit.

If you use a spacer, the modular construction will allow the valve to be connected to any Groz air tool. This handy fitting also has an external padlock that will help prevent accidental actuation during lockout.


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