Everything you will ever need to pair with your Holemaker magnetic drill can be found here. We stock annular cutters in all makes, depths and sizes, cutting tools such as sheet metal cutters, Weldon shank cutting tools and mini cutters, and all drill accessories including drill chucks, adaptors, arbors and more.


Annual Cutter Sharpening Machines

Easily sharpen your high-speed steel annular cutters with Holemaker annular cutter sharpeners. Our annular cutter sharpeners are built for precision with robust construction and laser alignment for faster setup.

This is an essential tool to maintain productivity when drilling and is a logical addition to your magnetic base drill and accessories purchase.

Hydraulic Punches

Hydraulic punches are powerful, precise and efficient machines that can punch holes up to 27mm in diameter into your materials with ease. We have two punches available in our range to suit your budget. We also stock the essential hydraulic power pack to pair with your punches, featuring a shelf to transport your punch and wheels for portability.

Annular Cutters, Cutting Tools and Drill Accessories

No magnetic drill setup is complete without cutting fluid, which is why we also stock cutting fluid in all volumes from 125ml right up to 20 litres. Click through to our product range to see our full list of accessories.


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