Holemaker sharpeners are specifically designed to sharpen high-speed steel annular cutters with maximum precision. This is achieved by grinding the steel with laser alignment, for a fast and precise sharpening setup. 


When you choose sharpening machines from Holemaker, you can expect to find a high-quality, easy to use machine that delivers a precise cut for your annular cutters.

Prolonged Life – You pay good money for your cutters, and it is a shame for them to go to waste just because they become blunt. Get more use out of your cutters by using a sharpening machine instead, allowing you to use them time and time again with quality results.

Cost-Effective – A sharpening tool is a long-term investment that will save you money over time. Instead of wasting your time going to the shop to replace your dull cutters, or pushing through a job with blunt equipment making the job take longer than it should, use a sharpening machine instead. There is no need to waste your money replacing blunt tools when you have an industrial grade sharpener on hand.

High Quality Job – Not only will your annular cutters be sharper, but the tools will also provide a better quality result on whatever project you need to complete.

More Efficient Work – There is no doubt that work can be completed much faster and more efficiently when your tools are sharp. This is why it is always better to reduce the time it takes to complete the job by sharpening your tools.

If your workshop uses a lot of annular cutters, it is much more cost-effective to purchase a sharpening machine in the long term for faster and more efficient cutting that will save time and money.


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