ITM stocks industrial grade couplers that are reliable, manufactured from durable steel and stainless steel, and are affordable for our customers.  We have 70 different couples available in the range providing you with the exact solution for your air connection needs.

Steel Sockets

Standard, hose tail, high flow and single action sockets are available in both male and female varieties. Sockets are packed 5 per box. Our high flow steel socket range featuring a one-way automatic shut-off valve and manufactured with hardened, extremely durable and wear resistant materials.

Steel Plugs

Packed 10 per box, we have standard steel as well as stainless steel male and female thread or hose tail models. We also have swivel air line coupler plugs with a hose tail which is a great option if you need more movement and flexibility while working. Our high flow plugs are also a great choice thanks to their handy one-way automatic shut-off valve.

Air Manifolds

The air manifolds we stock start at 2-way and expand right up to a 5-way option. Air manifold bodies provide great junction points to help connect and distribute a number of lines from a single source. Just thread your pneumatic fittings into the ports and you are ready to go. We also have three types of air manifolds to enhance manoeuvrability while completing your work. 

Y Inline Air Manifolds

We have 2-way and 3-way air Y inline couplers providing multiple insert points when more than one tool can be attached to a compressor at a time. Turn one air outlet into multiple outlets with ease thanks to each socket acting as a single action fitting.

About Couplers

Couplers provide a means to connect your air hose with your air compressor and air tool, allowing compressed air to flow through easily and safely. To attach a coupler, just screw your air hose onto your air tool and compressor outlet with our male and female couplers and plugs to receive a secure and air-tight connection – allowing you to get on with you work with no hassles.

It is important to have quality couplers that suit your set-up to enhance airflow and reduce air leaks. If the coupler you choose does not match your compressor, it will not connect correctly.


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