Whether you are painting furniture or you work in the automotive industry, you are bound to find a spray gun to match your application. With a range of models, nozzle sizes, air consumption, spray pattern and pot capacities available, get any of your painting or coating jobs done thanks to Star spray guns available from ITM.

Spray Gun and Pot Spray Guns

With a range of spray gun and pot models to choose from, Star has you spoilt for choice. These more traditional spray gun models are identified as having the cup on the bottom, and you can achieve a high-quality finish and fast working speed on all your jobs if you choose to purchase from our range of spray gun and pot spray guns.

Gravity Feed Spray Guns

The gravity feed option is often chosen because less air pressure is required compared to the spray gun and pot system, and less air pressure can also lead to less waste and more control. Many painters have been switching to gravity feed spray guns thanks to these fantastic advantages.

Suction Feed Spray Guns

These spray guns utilise air pressure from the gun which sucks the paint upward and through the tube, allowing the paint to spray out of the gun. A lot of energy is used for suction feed spray guns. This is an excellent option for speciality coatings such as splatter effects or adhesives.

Spray outfits

Choose between two varieties of pressure pot outfits from a 2L pressure pot outfit right up to a massive 10L model, providing a constant paint flow at lower pressures on all jobs. This specialised equipment is perfect for high volume jobs and is often used for conventional enamels, sealers and lacquers.

Touch up Spray Guns

This specialised equipment is made for perfecting jobs.


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