At ITM our premium quality bench drills and floor drills feature extra heavy-duty casting and construction and each has proven durability to withstand daily work in industrial workshops. Over the last 20 years, ITM have been progressively developing and perfecting our range of bench Drilling machines and pedestal drill press machines.

Belt Drive Drilling Machines

Our range of belt drive drilling machines are designed for the professional. ITM belt drive pedestal drill presses feature quality casting, construction and componentry. Our morse taper models also come complete with chuck safety guard, drill chuck and arbor, and drill drift.

Our comprehensive range of bench, pedestal and maxi-drill models have you covered with capacities ranging from 1.5 to 20 mm.

Geared Head Drilling Machines

The spur gearing inside the machine’s head ensures our geared head drilling machines deliver precise drilling and tapping results. No friction elements are utilised of any kind which provides an active drive at all times and minimises maintenance requirements.

While belt drive drill presses are quieter than geared head drills, the belts require manual changing instead of the easy to use speed control. Geared head drills also make tapping applications much easier.

Available with both milling tables and flat working tables, and in both single phase and 3 phase motors; our geared head drilling machines are manufactured for the industrial market, are heavy-duty and offer great value for money. 

Drilling Machine Accessories

Get more out of your drilling machine with our high-quality selection of drilling machine accessories.

Drilling press clamp kits which contain 52 pieces including step blocks, step clamps, studs, slot nuts and collar nuts are an essential and comprehensive addition.

Remove taper shank drills and reamers with our drop forged drill drift keys manufactured by Groz from specially drawn medium carbon steel.

Adapt smaller morse taper shank tools to spindles on larger machines with our A-grade reduction sleeves, manufactured from case hardening hi-tensile steel.

Mount drill chucks or a variety of other tools with a female taper shank onto a machine with a female taper shank socket in the work head with Groz drill chuck arbours. All of our drill chuck arbours are manufactured from case-hardened hi-tensile steel and are highly resistant to wear.

Provide a re-circulating flow of cutting fluid, to cool the cut with our single phase and 3 phase drill coolant systems and help to prevent your drill bits wearing out too quickly. Allow the coolant to flow over your metal continually while you work by pointing the nozzle over the work piece.

Featuring a forward and reverse ball drive which disengages silently and smoothly and transmits rotational power to the tap, ITM tapping heads protect against tap breakage thanks to an ultra-sensitive and smooth multi-position operating ball-clutch.

Drilling Machine Vices

Manufactured with a cast iron body and steel crank handle, our drill press vices will fit neatly onto your drilling machine and are easy to operate when clamping your piece in place. They are a great choice for machine shops, tool rooms and fabrication workshops while our heavy-duty drill press vices are suited to tougher drilling jobs with a jaw height up to 36 mm and weight up to 13kg.

Use our drill press vices or mitre vices by mounting on to your pedestal drill to keep the work material in place. Hold a flat bar in place perfectly with a standard drill press vice or keep a corner piece in place with a mitre vice.


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