M7 has built a solid reputation in the last 20 years for developing high performing and innovative tools that are smaller, lighter, quieter and more powerful than other similar products on the market. This is why M7 is fast becoming a leader in industrial air tool development and production.

At ITM we provide the full range of high-quality M7 Air Tool products with over 230 models available to purchase.

With a heavy focus on product development, every M7 item we stock is guaranteed to perform and exceed your expectations, whatever your application may be. Every M7 air tool category listed below contains a variety of feature-packed models. You will be impressed by the huge range we have available from M7.

World Class Air Tools from M7

M7 are well known for focusing on providing high-quality construction tools in a huge and comprehensive range. Whether you are working in the mines, in a mechanic workshop or on a construction site, M7 air tools will stand up to the toughest jobs and outperform every day. There are a number of reasons why M7 is considered to be a world-class brand of air tools:

High Quality at a Great Price – M7 does not only manufacture the same if not better-quality tools than other brands on the market, but they are also available at a more affordable price! There is no need to pay an exorbitant price for a tool that you know will last thanks to M7.

Meeting Customer Demands – M7 listens to their customers to develop the very best user-friendly and high performing air tools possible, with the power and features every tradesperson or mechanic has been asking for.

Heavy Duty Construction – M7 has become the top choice for heavy duty contractors across Australia thanks to their proven reliability and performance on the job.

Comprehensive Range – Covering every air tool imaginable, M7 is bound to have the perfect tool with the most suitable features for your application.

Factory Tested – M7 always ensures every tool will be up to the job with thorough factory testing for every model manufactured. Advanced equipment is used to provide the very best fail-proof testing, including computerised fatigue testing machines, environmental testing chambers and vibration testers.

Continuous Product Development - Thanks to continuous product development, M7 always strives for new and innovative designs to improve and enhance their range. With a focus on continually improving the look and functionality of air tools, you can trust there will always be the perfect tool from M7 for every application and with the very best features.

Practical and Attractive Designs – Not only will your tools operate with power and precision, but they will also look great while you are getting your work done. M7 has some of the most eye-catching designs on the market, showing that even the toughest tools can look good too.

M7 is sold worldwide, meeting the high demand of our clients thanks to excellent product quality. When combining this with the outstanding customer service and support we provide at ITM, you can’t go wrong.


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