ITM has been supplying bandsaws & metal cutting bandsaws to industrial workshops all across Australia for over 20 years. Our experience and expertise has helped us to develop Australia’s best range of metal cutting saws and allow us to deliver the best service and advice to our customers. 1000’s ITM bandsaws are used every day in workshops and are the leading bandsaws Australia wide. 

Our heavy-duty bandsaws are available from our Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth warehouses and we have local distributors in Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart and Adelaide. ITM supply bandsaw's Australia wide.


A metal cutting band saw is designed for large volumes of work and is considered to be a capacity-type cutting machine. ITM supply a massive range of bandsaw machines that include manual operation, semi-automatic, and fully automatic bandsaws throughout Australia.

Our bandsaws are designed for large volume work and industrial application. Even though the quality of the cut is good on a bandsaw, you keep in mind that due to the horizontal blade, the burr does tend to be left on the edges. Bandsaw blades are considered consumables so once a blade goes blunt, you can throw it away and replace it with a new one without any hassle.

ITM stocks a range of replacement bandsaw blades to suit every machine that we sell.


Many of the cutting processes are required to be done manually with these saws. The operator advances the material through the cut and clamps the material into the vice. The options for performing the cut are to either use the pull handle and trigger mechanism or set the hydraulic cylinder descent.

This range is suitable for both general and industrial purposes with features such as manual down-feed for quick or small cuts, dual modes, material stoppers, two-way swivel head & an incorporated recirculating coolant system.


In addition to producing highly accurate cuts as fast and efficiently as possible, semi-automatic band saws have the added advantage of being safer and easier. All the essential elements of the cutting process are automated. After setting the desired feed rate, blade speed and material position, the semi-automatic bandsaw does the rest.

The automated process for semi-automatic bandsaws is as follows:

  1. The operator inserts the material
  2. The operator presses the start button
  3. Material is clamped in the vice
  4. Blade motor starts
  5. Bow lowers and cuts the material
  6. Blade motor stops
  7. The bow rises and the vice opens

In addition to this process, the Special 702 GA has an automatic swivelling feature that swivels the saw to set the angle after the start button is pressed. With a 550mm cutting capacity, this machine has the largest capacity in the range, while other semi-automatic models have maximum capacities between 260mm and 460mm.


For high capacity metal cutting work, the best machine you will find is the fully automatic CNC controlled machine. The 11” fully automatic swivel head band saw gives you complete hands-off, digital control of quality and cut length. Your workers can set and forget, allowing them to handle other tasks while the machine handles the cutting.

A fully guarded version for extra safety, as well as vertical vice assemblies for bundle cutting, are optional configurations also available for this saw.


You can find our range of metal bandsaw for sale Australia wide through our range of distributors. Head to the dealer locator to find your closest store!


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