With over 40 years in the metal cutting Coldsaw industry, Macc is internationally renowned for it's superior quality and innovative product range.

Why buy a Macc Cold Saw ?

  • Reliable, accurate and heavy duty, Italian made machines.
  • Designed for the industrial manufacturing applications.
  • Complete range including Manual, Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic, Vertical, blade sizes 225m to 370mm.
  • Distributed Australia wide with stock and display machines in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, plus distributors and service agents in all major towns and cities.

Our Cold Saws are available from our Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth warehouses and we have local distributors in Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart and Adelaide. ITM supply band saw's Australia wide.


Coldsaw blades and the work material remain cold during operation as the energy and heat created in the cutting process is transferred to the chip. This allows them to cut all types of material, ferrous and non-ferrous, quickly and accurately.

Coldsaw blades can be sharpened up to 40 times making them re-useable over and over again after becoming blunt.


The most affordable option in the range are the manual coldsaw. These saws are powerful and accurate and will cut through metal pipe and pieces of steel with ease. Manual operation means the user must operate the machine while holding pressure on the blade while it cuts.

When there’s a small amount of material to be cut, manual coldsaw machines are often preferred because unlike semi-automatic cold saw machines, there is no setup time and the cutting process can be started instantly.


If you have large production runs, semi-automatic coldsaws are the ideal solution as many cuts can be completed with minimal machine interference. Requiring no manual handling or control, just set up the machine for the right cut, and then they do all the work for you.

Closing and opening of the vice, starting and stopping of the blade motor, & downstroke and return of the cutting head are all key elements of the cutting process that are handled automatically by these machines.

Metal cold saw Australia -You won’t need to be watching the machine during operation. Engage the clamps with a simple press of a button or footswitch depending on the model chosen, and the blade will drop automatically, then stop and raise at the end of the cut ready for the next operation.


Not only are they more rigid, but the finish quality on a vertical coldsaw is far better than that of standard horizontal cold saws. The level of chatter is decreased when completing your work to produce a high-quality cut every time, making these machines top of the line for efficiency.

The 315mm model features an adjustable material stop and electrical recirculating coolant system.


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