The Full M7 Air Tools Range

We truly have every M7 air tool and accessory imaginable with over 230 different products in stock. Every tool we have listed online can be freighted across Australia thanks to our trusted and reliable national distributors. Explore each product for yourself or speak with our knowledgeable staff to gain further insight into this outstanding range of air tools from M7.

Air Ratchet Wrenches – We have nine different air ratchet wrench models and three air ratchet wrench kits available for purchase from the M7 range. Each model provides different levels of torque and net weight.

Air Hammers – Choose between three air hammers, three air shipping hammers and a vast selection of chisel sets. We also have an air hammer kit and quick-change retainer available to add to your toolbox.

Air Flux Chippers – Ideal for removing flux, spatter and general scaling – consider including an air flux chipper to your toolbox.

Air Grease Guns – We sell two models of high-quality M7 air grease guns with a 450g capacity. Choose between annual or manual pulse with bulk and cartridge loading.

Auto Repair Tools – Any piece of equipment or accessory you need for your auto repairs is right here, from windshield removal tools and digital tyre inflators to tool blades, wire wheels and manual fluid extractors.

Air Staplers – We have three series of air staplers available to choose from in the M7 range. Each model is suitable for a variety of different purposes so please consider the product information when making your purchase.

Air Nailers – The three air nailers produced by M7 are excellent for furniture, kitchen and cabinet manufacturing as well as flooring. Speak with our knowledgeable staff to help you make the right product choice for your needs.

Air Impact Wrenches – You are unlikely to find a wider range of impact wrenches than this. With 40 different impact wrenches models – from the budget-friendly to the feature-filled high impact options – there is bound to be an impact wrench here to suit everyone’s needs.

Impact Sockets – Whether you need individual impact sockets or a whole set, buy sockets that will last from M7. We also have metric sets, socket adaptors, pin and ring sets, universal joints and impact torque extension bars available in this section to purchase.

Air Hydraulic Riveters & Nut Setter Tools – You will be impressed with the features and prices of our 14 air hydraulic riveters from M7. Some designs include a quick release clip to change the spindle easily while others are specifically designed for use with steel. Take a look at the powerful M7 range or riveters for yourself.

Air Angle Grinders – We give you a choice between 17 different angle grinder models from M7. We have an extra heavy duty series available; a range that includes a safety lever throttle and side handle as well as simple yet practical grinder designs.

Air Corner Cut off Tools – For precise corner cutting, M7 has two reliable and hard-wearing air corner cut off models available.

Air Die Grinders – Check out our huge range of 25 different air die grinder models from M7. A number of features can be found to make your job easier and smoother including a quick release chuck, angle head or a slimmer design. Whatever your application, you will find the right air die grinder right here.

Engraving Pens – Mark your tools, parts and more with an engraving pen that will hook up easily to any compressor.

Air Drills – With 12 M7 air drills to choose from, you will be impressed by the vast range from simple, user-friendly models to feature-packed tools suitable for drilling a variety of materials. We also stock highly durable rivet nut adapters.

Air Screwdrivers – Get your job completed fast with excellent results by choosing an air screwdriver from the 14 different models we stock from M7. From budget-conscious to heavy duty, highly durable screwdrivers, get the tool you need right here.

Air Sheet Metal Cutters – When cutting sheet metal, consider M7. With a variety of cutting options available such as an air saw, nibbler, shears and a punch as well as a flange tool manufactured to the highest quality, you can’t go wrong. Saw blades and file sets are also listed in this section for purchase.

Air Sanders & Air Belt Sanders – We have 12 different air sanders and four air belt sander models manufactured by M7 to choose from. You are bound to find the ideal sander for all of your smoothing and polishing applications. We also stock your much-needed air sander accessories including velcro pads, roughing sponging and backing pads. 

Air Needles Scalers – M7 air needle scalers are extra heavy duty and available in straight and pistol styles to suit whatever job or project you need to complete.

Air Tool Accessories –Are you looking for a spring balancer or mini oiler? You will find it right here in our air tool accessories category.

Air Blow Guns – Choose between nine M7 air blowguns with straight, venturi, bent or adjustable nozzles on hand. You can also find airbrush sets and safety tips for your air blow guns under this category.

Air Tappers – Tapper kits and a range of collets are in stock and available to ship across Australia. Manufactured to the highest standards from M7, you can trust these products will last.


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