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Customer Testimonial From ModnPods

Date: 04-07-2022

MODNPODS is a Gold Coast based designer and manufacturer of modular pods for commercial use and residential homes and offices.

Their steel fabrication workshop was looking to improve efficiency for their in house metal cutting, and got in contact with the ITM dealer in their area. After discussing their requirements with our team and our dealer, and considering all options available, the decision was made to purchase and install our MACC 335MS Metal Cutting Bandsaw.

The MACC bandsaws are an industrial grade Italian made machine, designed for cutting steel all day and every day in fabrication workshops. The 335MS machine features semi-automatic operation, meaning MODNPODS can simply insert the metal and press the start button. The machine closes the vice automatically, cuts the material, head returns, and vice opens. The control panel at the front of the bandsaw means the machine operator can very easily access all controls of the machine, without having to reach over the roller conveyors which are feeding to the machine. With the large cut capacity of this saw, MODNPODS are able to stack multiple pieces of steel into the machine at once, which is where they see a very large gain in speed and efficiency.

As MODNPODS continue to grow, they will continue to add more MACC metal cutting bandsaws to their workshop, to keep up with demand.

Macc Bandsaw 335

Macc Special 335 bandsaw cutting steel

ModNPods workshop

ModnPods Showroom


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