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Customer Testimonial From Studio Steel

Date: 13-07-2022

Studio Steel is a metal fabricator specializing in structural steel, metalworks and sheet metal. Jonathan Foley the Operations manager at Studio steel has been using the Lizard welding carriage to backfill a curved edge against flat channel. In the past doing jobs by hand was becoming very time consuming and inefficient, and they were not able to meet the capacity of production required. 

Since purchasing the ITM Lizard Welding Carriage, Studio Steel can make a number of passes automatically with a flawless finish to the end product. Not only does the ITM Lizard welding carriage present a better finished result, it is now also a much quicker process for the team at Studio Steel and less physical work and fatigue on the operator. This has massively improved the efficiency of the multiple jobs handled at Studio Steel.

Jonathan is very satisfied with the ITM product and recommends the welding carriage to any other workshop looking to improve their welding process.

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Welding Carriage

Lizard Welding Carriage


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