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ITM’s Top-Selling Metal Cutting Machines: MACC Bandsaws

Date: 04-04-2024


Looking for the right metal cutting machine to transform your workshop productivity? Here’s the rundown on the top-selling metal cutting saws according to ITM—one of Australia’s leading national wholesale tool and equipment suppliers. 

Spoiler alert: MACC Bandsaws come out on top. Here’s our list and why they’re trusted by fabricators Australia-wide.


MACC Bandsaw 411 CSO & 335 CSO

The MACC Bandsaw 411 CSO and the smaller version, 335 CSO, are Italian-made bandsaws known for their exceptional quality. 

These metal cutting machines feature:

  • A 2-way swivel head that enables 0° to 60° mitre cuts, making them versatile for a wide range of cutting applications. 
  • Dual mode operation, with a trigger switch and manual down feed for small quick cuts, as well as a control panel with fully adjustable hydraulic down feed and automatic shut-off for cutting larger materials. 


These bandsaws also come with a dual-direction heavy-duty vice, an incorporated recirculating coolant system, and an adjustable material stop for repetitive production. 

With a 12-month warranty and a complete set including a stand and blade, these bandsaws provide reliability and convenience.


MACC Bandsaw 411 MS & 335 MS

The MACC Bandsaw 411 MS and smaller 335 MS are semi-automatic bandsaws that offer a balance between efficiency and ease of operation. 

Like their CSO counterparts, these machines feature a 2-way swivel head for mitre cuts and dual mode operation. 

The trigger switch with manual down feed allows for quick cuts, while the semi-automatic function is ideal for large production jobs. 

These bandsaws are designed for repetitive production, featuring a:

  • Dual-direction heavy-duty vice
  • Incorporated recirculating coolant system
  • Adjustable material stop
  • Safety emergency stop switch
  • 12-month warranty
  • Complete set including a stand and blade


Companies like MODNPODS—designer and manufacturer of modular pods for commercial and residential use—use the MACC 335MS to improve the efficiency of their in-house metal cutting workshop.


MACC Bandsaw 420 DI & 650 DI

The MACC Bandsaw 420 DI and 650 DI are semi-automatic machines that offer increased power and speed. 

These bandsaws feature a 2-way swivel head, a dual-direction heavy-duty vice, and a variable blade speed for enhanced cutting efficiency. 

Like the CSO an MS models, these bandsaws also feature an:

  • Incorporated recirculating coolant system 
  • Adjustable material stop 
  • 12-month warranty 
  • Complete set including a stand and blade

Steel fabricators like Silo Developments Australia rely on the quality and performance of the MACC 650 DI Bandsaw. 

The semi-automatic machine, along with the MACC cutting fluid, delivers the performance and value that is demanded in heavy steel manufacturing applications.


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Italian-made quality, versatile functionalities and reliable performance—MACC bandsaws are the top choice for professionals in the industry. 

Whether you need a bandsaw for small quick cuts or large production jobs, ITM's MACC Bandsaw series has the perfect solution for your busy workshop. 

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