Producing high performing American-made drill bit cutting machines for over 40 years, Darex is the world’s highest-selling drill bit cutting brand in the market. This is due to the industrial-strength, factory-grade and highly specialised system they have developed to provide the sharpest and most precisely cut drill bits possible.

Established in 1973 in Illinois, Darex specialises in creating drill bit sharpeners that are designed for industrial applications. With decades of experience behind them, Darex is well-known for creating sharpeners that are superior to other standard sharpener brands, and you can trust that no matter what model you choose, it will get the job done.

As a 4th generation family owned and run company, you can trust that Darex never compromises on quality and is dedicated to supplying superior sharpening products to their customers across the globe. Darex outperforms many other sharpeners on the market because they are so easy to use and manufactured to the highest quality.


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